About Me

My Story

The Pacific Northwest. It’s not just a nice place to visit, it’s my home. The land of liquid sunshine.

By the age of 10, I had my first blog. “Kelly’s Adventures.” It detailed what I did and why I found it fun. This, along with help from my mother, first exposed me to the ever expanding world of online writing.

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This is when writers come together in small groups and brainstorm ideas for books to write during the month. My mother joined in 2005. I wrote my first book draft during November 2009. Since then, both she and I have participated in several NaNoWriMo’s.

I created my second blog for the Communication Merit Badge in 2013. It was titled “KF7FQC”, after my Amateur Radio license. I passed the Amateur Radio Operator Technician license exam on Halloween 2009.