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Kelly H. Milligan Teenage Years Communication Merit Badge Requirement

Communication Merit Badge Requirement

Communication Merit Badge Requirement

Completing a Requirement for Scouts

Today, I have made a new blog to satisfy one of the requirements for the BSA Communication Merit Badge.

My New Blog as part of the Communication Merit Badge Requirement

I named my blog KF7FQC, after my Amateur “Ham” radio license, for the Communication Merit Badge requirement.

I am basing the content on my experiences as a licensed Amateur Radio operator.

Getting Licensed as an Amateur “Ham” Radio Operator

To become an Amateur Radio operator, you must pass an exam. Each exam has random questions pulled from the specific pool of questions for the license. Each exam contains 35-50 questions depending on the level of the license you are seeking to obtain.

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Originally published on 3/3/2012 at It now lives here. 🙂

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