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Kelly H. Milligan Teenage Years Discovery Bay and Fort Warden

Discovery Bay and Fort Warden

Discovery Bay and Fort Warden

A Weekend on the Olympic Peninsula

I had so much fun this weekend!

Discovery Bay

We spent all weekend at our condo resort on Discovery Bay. We went to the resort for my parents’ eleventh anniversary.

I had fun swimming in the pool at the resort, but the pool water was COLD!


On Sunday, we drove to Sequim. We visited with a cousin of ours. We also met a friend of Daddy’s. I had fun playing with his kids while my parents talked and talked to his friend and his friend’s wife.

Fort Warden

Today we went to Fort Warden which is located in Port Townsend. Daddy, Ozias, and I walked all over. We spent a lot of time on the trails, even though it was raining for a while. I liked looking at the gun batteries.

Mama scared us in one of them because we didn’t see her around the corner. I also had fun talking to Mama on the Amateur “Ham” radio while we were on the trails.  (She did not go with us. She stayed in the truck.)

The Weekend at Discovery Bay and Fort Warden

I hope we go back soon!  It was a lot of fun to go somewhere different, meet new people, and spend time with my family!

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