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Kelly H. Milligan Kelly's Adventures Knight’s Quest 2012

Knight’s Quest 2012

Knight’s Quest 2012

Knight’s Quest 2012

The Glacier View District’s Knight’s Quest 2012 Spring Camp-O-Ree was awesome!

The Day of Arrival

The LeMay Family generously lent their property in Spanaway for the event. I went with my dad, fellow Boy Scout Spencer, and my cousin Justin, who works at the scout office in Tumwater.

Friday night we arrived and set up camp. We then listened to the rules for the event and divided into our baronies. We were all given a piece of colored cloth. The color was that of our specific barony. My barony’s color was orange. I had the opportunity to tell a few scouts about HAM Radio.

My mother brought us dinner (thanks!) and I spent time some running around with my younger brothers before they left. It started to get dark after they left. Just after the sun went down, I had some fun playing Frisbee. Before bed, we listened to some stories.

The Day of Battle

When I woke up the next morning, I decided to take a long walk across the field. The walk took a while as the field felt as big as Montana. I guess I woke up early because my dad was still asleep in his tent! The smoke from a nearby campfire was not rising like it usually did, so I was expecting a rain shower for a little while. Thankfully the rain never came.

We had oatmeal for breakfast. I was ready to begin the event before I ate. Yes, we did eat breakfast first. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

Now we were ready to begin!

Target Practice

First, there was archery practice for those who wanted to be archers. The bows were of the Nerf® variety, the arrows large and pillow-like on the end. I took a turn or two. Then I attempted being a target for a while. I made a good target, having taken several arrows for my barony. I did not want to be an archer because I was afraid of failure, I was afraid of the term ‘light’. Archers were ‘light’ troops. “Light” refers to lives, and archers had only one.

Rules of Engagement

At Knight’s Quest 2012, there were rules of engagement, rules by which you fought. Everyone had ‘lives’. Arms and legs had a ‘life’ value of one. You were automatically ‘out’ of the game if one of two things happened;

1. You took a sword to the chest, back, hips, or head.

2. You took an arrow to one of the above places.

These places had a ‘life’ value of two. Soldiers had two “lives”, meaning that they could receive two blows to an arm or leg before becoming ‘out’. Archers had one ‘life’. Soldiers protected archers so they could whittle down the opponent’s forces from cover. Arrows acted as swords. This is because when archers aimed, they did not know exactly where the arrows were going to land.

When it was time for the first battle to begin, we went to our respective sides and chose our weapons. We fought bravely against a barony in three battles. Our main objective was to defeat the opposing side’s Baron. Each time we defeated the enemy Baron we got a flag. The same rules applied to our enemies as well.

Knots & Lashings

After a few battles, we went to the catapults. This is where our knowledge of lashings (or the lack thereof) came into play. We made several attempts to lash together long poles to make a catapult to launch water balloons a certain distance. This did not work as well as we thought it would.

After the disappointment at catapults, we had lunch. I had brought a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (yum!) from home as I eat gluten-free. I wanted to be sure I would have safe food and not get sick during the event.

The Forest of Doom

Then it was time to courageously go into the Forest of Doom. I did not feel scared, though my friends might have been. We split into groups and I was the leader of mine.

Our objective was to find the Wizard of the North, who would lead us to the magic potion: A bottle of Mt Dew. We were to use the coordinates given to us at the starting point, along with a compass, to find our way. I felt lucky that I had packed mine.

We were also given one short sword per person, which we could use to defend ourselves from enemy bandits, trolls, or The Dark Wizard.

To Be Continued…

~The Gluten-Free Eagle~

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