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The Immortal Man

The Immortal Man

The Immortal Man

This is a story idea that I wrote as a bedtime story for my brothers. I had intended to write the full story for NaNoWriMo 2018, though I did not finish the book. I have decided to put this up for you to read in the hopes that some good may come of it.

NaNoWriMo, writing

The Immortal Man Copyright 2019 K.H. Milligan

The Immortal Man

Many years ago on a space station far away, there lived a scientist. His task was to extend human life beyond one hundred years. He worked for many years searching for the answer, never faltering in his mission.

Ancient cultures and their legends tell of the soul, what it is, where it came from, where it goes. Through these legends the man searched, looking for any clue to aid his search.

The answer came, with a price. A ritual from a long-dead race could bind a man’s soul to an object, making him immortal. His body would be destroyed in the process. The materials were exotic, spread far and wide, and most had heard of such things only in passing, or not at all.

A decade passed, and he gathered the reagents. The space station was uneasy. The ritual was a success, his soul was bound to an immortal machine. News spread quickly, peers gathered, fans flocked. He was a legend made metal, a man made immortal.

Time passed on the space station. His experiments numerous, assistants many, friends few. His fame had passed, and life on the station returned to normal. People forgot, though, that he was still there. They forgot that he, much like them, was a person too.

Centuries passed, and the space station was to be decommissioned. The man had outlived anyone who was close to him, he had even outlived his home, leaving him alone. He set off to the stars, presumably to continue his experiments. However, he was never heard from again.

His legend tells that whoever can find him and help him find the peace that he so desperately needs, will be his one true friend.

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