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Kelly H. Milligan Kelly's Adventures Super Sick Plus Ear Infection

Super Sick Plus Ear Infection

Super Sick Plus Ear Infection

Super Sick Plus Ear Infection

Late Tuesday night, both Ozias and I got SUPER SICK!!! We felt so icky that on Wednesday we spent ALL DAY in bed watching movies on the little DVD player that Daddy brought into our room for us. Neither one of us felt like doing anything.

When Two Feel Better and One Gets Sick

By Wednesday afternoon we both started feeling better. Then I helped take care of Mama when she felt sick.

On Thursday, I felt good enough to do some pages in my math workbook.

I also worked on my Pinewood Derby car (which counts for woodworking and art). How cool is that?

My Right Ear Hurts…

My right ear has been hurting a little bit for the last couple of days. On Friday night, it really started hurting A LOT. Daddy took me to the doctor today. Guest what? I have an ear infection in my right ear! I got prescriptions for ear drops (to help numb the pain) and an antibiotic.

Race Time is Almost Here

I am excited that the Pinewood Derby race starts in about an hour!!!

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